Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Latest Rumor at 111

Continuing a pattern of inconsistency, the hallways here at 111 Eighth Avenue are abuzz.

Rumor (and we acknowledge that this is only a rumor) has it that the Big Poobah Chair of the UJC Board has given orders that what was Renaissance & Renewal then changed in the big Reorganization one year ago to the Jewish Peoplehood Initiative be wholly transferred to JESNA!! The Chair seems to think that that National Agency, which he Chaired prior to his demotion to our Chair, is better equipped to carry on this work and avoid duplication. Many here are wondering how, if this rumor is true, Boston's brilliant Barry Shrage, whose "baby" Renaissance & Renewal was, will react. Should be fun to watch.

Of course, any such transfer of responsibility would presumably save budget and, thereby dues, and we have also heard that the Large Cities have demanded a budget for dues purposes of no more than $37 million. How convenient.

Remember as this all unfolds that Renaissance & Renewal was one of the "pillars" on which UJC was initially constructed. Is it possible that the Chair can merely issue orders on a matter of such importance? Probably.

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