Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's Up?

Nothing is really happening here at 111. And, apparently, few care.

The highest levels of UJC professional leadership have been in Israel for ove a week. Rieger, Kanfer (and one of his daughters) and Toni Young all participated on Panels at a "major" conference convened by Sheatufim -- you have all heard of that one haven't you? The Israel Center for a Civil Society. It has important work to do -- this Conference brought among others Olmert and Tony Blair to speak. We here in NYC were intrigued that the UJC restricted itself to three speakers, of course only from within its own leaders, to talk about fund-raising and strategic partnerships...about which UJC is doing really nothing...but talking.

We are in suspended animation here. The professional leaders of UJC Rieger "left behind" (he went on the the Jewish Agency meetings) are totally afraid to move UJC's agenda forward, if they could find it, in Howard's absence. You make a mistake, you're gone. So they seem to get periodic incoherent e-mail directions day -in and day-out often internally contradictory.

Meanwhile, another Senior Professional is leaving, joining the parade, moving on and into the federation system. Can anyone imagine why the grass is greener anywhere, everywhere else?

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