Tuesday, July 1, 2008


It seems likely that no one really cares about UJC anymore except the CEO but we have a few lingering questions:

  • What ever happened to the "Great Place to Work Survey"? Has anyone ever read it beyond the CEO? Has it been suppressed/ Do the Chairs believe that it's no one's business? The staff, of course, has never seen it; and, under this chief pro, never will. Is there really a Chair of the Executive or is she a myth?

  • Pros in the few federations that the CEO has visited have passed the word to some here to "get their resumes out" because Rieger has told them that when he goes in two years or less, it "..will be all over for UJC." What? He may be that full of himself (or full of something) and he may, therefore, even believe it, but why say it?

  • Has anyone taken a look at the success that those maligned senior professionals who were forced out of UJC under this administration are having in the free world out there? How could that be given how all of them continue to be bad-mouthed at the remaining Senior professional level here -- right up to the top of the food chain.



committed to community said...

and can you share what those "successes" might be?

elaygee said...

1) The "great place to work" survey is in the same basement vault as the study on the effectiveness of UJC/UJA advertising and media. Since it says something negative, it'll never be viewed by anyone, anyplace or anymore.

2) Anyone would feel better and produce more if they went to work someplace else where they don't beat you on the head every day and no good deed goes unpunished.

3) You really should be out of there by now. Are you waiting for the hyenas to pick the corpse clean?

fromwhereisat said...

Dear Richard Wexler,

I've really enjoyed reading your other blog:


Kudos for having the balls to actually attribute your opinions instead of hiding behind the invented persona of a junior-level UJC staffer.

But for the sake of plausible deniability, you might want to vary your writing style, the formatting of your posts, i.e. big spaces in between paragraphs, due to the fact that you are using the same computer to compose both and, most importantly, you shouldn't post to both of your blogs AT THE SAME TIME!

As I commented on your other, attributed blog, you remind me of a wayward 8 year-old:

Hell bent on secretly making mischief, but too stupid to get away with it.

I'm sorry if the truth hurts.

UJC boys/girls said...

fromwhereisat continues to be obesessed with whom we are. His dad would sure be proud of his research abilities even though he has come to all the wrong conclusions once again. On your next visit to dad here at the offices at 111, why don't you stop by our offices and we will show you our typewriter -- it's the same one that Alger Hiss used -- on which we prepare our drafts.

Do us all a favor. Try, hard as it may be for you, to hone in on the substance of what we've written. In all of your pathetic insults, that's your critical omission. We're not surprised.


fromwhereisat said...

My dad at UJC?!


As if I needed any more proof of the obvious, richard/fran, you've *really* gone off the deep end.

And where is the substance on this blog???

You hate Howard Rieger, we all get that, but character assassination ain't substance.

btw, have you found a new job yet?