Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Heard By the Water Fountain

...and here is what people here are talking (actually whispering) about...

  • It's 2 and 1/2 years after Katrina. UJC did a great job collecting the money, deploying our professionals; a great job; an inspirational job. But when is our CEO going to stop writing and writing and writing about it?
  • The Masters of Their Domain here are gathering for a meeting with the Large City Presidents and Executives today. Is there a chance that that esteemed group will finally take control of that which they own? Or is that too much to ask?
  • We hear that there is the beginning of discussion of a successor CEO. Who might be in consideration?
  • The "master plan" for revamping UJC Dues seems to have been vetoed somewhere among the federations. Not surprisingly, we have learned that there is no Plan B. Is there ever? Oh, wait a minute, it's "let's take over UIA."


elaygee said...

I'm sure that when The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight gets through fixing UJC, there won'y be anything left to write about.

Jewish Philanthropy News and Views said...

You think Howard has problems? Zeevik's problems get splashed across all the Israeli papers.

"A media firestorm has erupted in Israel over the past twenty-four hours over the “outing” of an internal working paper by JAFI Director-General, Moshe Vigdor."

for more:

tikvah said...

Having recently visited New Orleans, I can tell you that the city is far from being rebuilt and there is a massive ongoing need for volunteers and resources.

Katrina may have occured 2.5 years ago, and the rest of the country may be forgetting, but the situation is still sad and tragic.

During my visit, I spoke with representatives of the Jewish community and, unprompted, they spoke of the importance of UJC's CONSISTENT and ONGOING support. Their appreciation of our efforts cannot be overstated.

Boys and Girls, Katrina may be old news to you, but Howard is 100% justified in continuing to speak about this American tragedy and the need for our consistent and ongoing support.

fromwhereisat said...

here's a question for you:

since you've already admitted to lying about your identity, why don't you drop the charade?

it is painfully obvious that you are NOT a junior staffer at UJC, but rather a disgruntled, marginalized, national volunteer or one of the incompetent "esteemed professionals (haha)" that were let out to pasture much, much too late.

I check this blog from time to time out of some perverse interest in seeing a formerly "dignified" leader (RW?) dig themselves a deeper and deeper hole of obvious deception and self-inflicted shame.