Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Look Out Below!!

Welcome back. We have had to lie low for a while because the thought police have been checking "suspected bloggers" or suspected informants out-going e-mails. But, what the heck.

Everybody out of the pool. There's a fight going down in the deep end. The big boys/girls at UJC have decided to pick on the little ones at UIA for a while -- and have gone public with their takeover plans. Looks like having forced out some great pros (see our earlier Posts), now they're trying the same tricks with lay people.

We can't tell what the prize is yet but when we (or you) do, let's clue each other in.


elaygee said...

Two UJC leaders went for a walk. The first one said, "Look! Bear tracks!" The second one disagreed, "No, those are deer tracks!"
They were still arguing about it when they were hit by a train.

chai said...

The prize is a big one. UIA gets to appoint all the American members of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), which is about half the total. In the opinion of some, including me, JAFI is the black hole of Israel philanthropy: lots and lots of money goes in, and not very much comes out. JAFI is a traditional dumping ground for Israeli political hacks, more than a couple of whom have been charged and convicted of misuse of funds (although, in fairness, none recently). Combining the inefficiency of UJC with the unaccountability of JAFI is a scary, scary thought.

Gerry said...

It was always intended that UIA merge into UJC. Take a look at the Merger Document. In November 1999, CJF merged into UJA, which then changed its name to UJC. UIA deferred joinining the new entity, pending the resolution of two major issues: 1) the role of UJC in advocating for overseas needs, and 2) the maintained level of overseas allocations by federations.